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Mission Statement

The mission of CMI is to provide a structured and rigorous academic program in which cadets develop as leaders, scholars, critical thinkers and citizens and to instill in young Americans, through a multi-faceted military based cadet program that is physically and mentally challenging and rewarding, the importance of national pride, service to others and maintaining a drug-free and gang-free lifestyle.

Guiding Principals

To effectively accomplish our Mission and Vision we subscribe to the following principles:

  1. The development of the individual Cadet is the sole purpose of CMI. No aspect of our organization is to take priority over our mission of developing America's youth.
  2. We will endeavor to provide a program that is challenging, exciting and rewarding. We will encourage Cadets to test their physical, mental and emotional limits while ensuring a realistic, safe and wholesome training environment.
  3. The Officer and NCO Corps exist to serve the Cadets, providing young people the opportunity to learn leadership, self-confidence and patriotism. Cadets will be involved in as much of the day-to-day operation of CMI, at all levels, as is reasonably possible.
  4. CMI is a training ground for tomorrow's leaders, and we accept that mistakes may be made in order to learn valuable lessons.
  5. Communication is essential to success. All members of the CMI Cadet Corps -- regardless of rank -- are encouraged to communicate openly and honestly, within the parameters of good order and discipline.
What Is CMI?
  • A public school with a specific college preparatory mission.
  • A premier cadet program, noted for its dedication to youth, quality of training and respect for the heritage and traditions of the United States military.
  • Open to all families/students committed to our mission/educational vision, without tuition or academic entrance requirements.
  • Rigorous academic curriculum for all students, including English, social studies, math and science.
  • Committed to maintaining high expectations for both academic and personal performance.
  • Structured and rigorous academic program where cadets develop as leaders, scholars, critical thinkers and citizens.
  • Instill the importance of service to others and maintaining a drug-free and gang-free lifestyle
  • High expectations; rigorous curriculum; teaching excellence; commitment to character and leadership education
  • Students will rise through the military ranks, gaining experience leading other students. Promotion to a higher rank will be based on both experience and academic performance, giving students another reason to study
  • Career and vocational exploration as well as college preparatory A-G preparation
  • Expanded school day and expanded school year (Summer Intercession, Fall, Winter Intercession, and Spring terms) emphasize remediation and enrichment.
  • 25:1 student teacher ratio
  • Core, elective, supplemental, and intervention classes
  • Dedicated to preparing all students for 21st Century success
Educational Philosophy

CMI believes believes that virtually all students, not just a few, are capable of a demanding, rigorous and relevant college preparatory education that prepares them to succeed in college. This view is widely shared by educational and political leaders and organizations such as California Governor Jerry Brown, former California Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell, and President Barack Obama. With a clear and focused mission and as a school of choice, CMI will provide a clear choice for students and their families.

Students will graduate from CMI prepared for an increasingly competitive global economy, confident that their skills will ensure success in college, trade schools, and the work place.

CMI's highest priority will be to prepare our students, including students traditionally underserved or underachieving (not meeting their personal potential), so that our graduates are prepared to enter and thrive at the world's finest universities and colleges if they so choose. CMI's educational program is based on the educational needs of the following student profile:

  • Students and families who commit to a rigorous college preparatory educational program;
  • Students are accepted on an equal basis, without academic entrance requirements;
  • Students whose academic and personal interests benefit from personalized attention;
  • Students who understand the value of character development, and
  • Students whose diversity reflects the community.

To be an educated person in the 21st century global economy will require a strong post secondary education. CMI believes that virtually all students, not just a few, are capable of a demanding, rigorous and relevant college preparatory education that prepares them to succeed in college and life.

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